2017 New Holland Agriculture E26C

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New Holland Agriculture



  • Operator Station: ROPS with 4-post canopy or Enclosed Cab
  • Model: Kubota D1305
  • Emissions Certification: Tier 4 Final
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Cylinders: 3
  • Displacement: 77.0 in³ (1261 cc)
  • Fuel injection: Mechanical
  • Gross horsepower – SAE J1995: 24.8 hp (18.5 kW) @2400 RPM
  • Cooling: Water-cooled
  • Travel speeds - 1st: 1.5 mph (2.4 kph)
  • Travel speeds - 2nd: 2.7 mph (4.3 kph)
  • Maximum traction force: 5,283 lbf (23.5 kN)
  • Gradeability: 30° (58%)
  • Ground pressure: ROPS - 4.3 psi / CAB - 4.6 psi
  • Fuel tank: 7.9 gal (30 L)
  • Hydraulic tank - Refill capacity: 7.1 gal (27 L)
  • Hydraulic tank - Total system: 14.5 gal (55 L)
  • Engine oil w/ filter change: 1.5 gal (5.7 L)
  • Radiator: 1.3 gal (5 L)
  • Arm (standard length): 3 ft 8 in (1.12 m)
  • Overall height: 8 ft 2 in (2500 mm)
  • Overall transport length: 13 ft 3 in (4030 mm)
  • Track overall length: 6 ft 3 in (1910 mm)
  • Track overall width: 4 ft 11 in (1500 mm)
  • Track shoe width: 9.8 in (250 mm)
  • Center to center – idler to sprocket: 4 ft 11 in (1490 mm)
  • Upper structure ground clearance: 1 ft 8 in (510 mm)
  • Minimum ground clearance: 11 in (290 mm)
  • Tail swing radius: 2 ft 7 in (775 mm)
  • Boom swing: 75° left/50° right
  • Tail swing overhang: 0 ft 0 in (0 mm)
  • Operating weight: Canopy: 5,520 lb (2505 kg) / Cab: 5,850 lb (2655 kg)
  • Backfill blade height: 1 ft 0 in (300 mm)
  • Backfill blade width: 5 ft (1500 mm)
  • Backfill blade rise above ground: 1 ft 1 in (330 mm)
  • Backfill blade dig depth: 1 ft 3 in (380 mm)
  • Maximum dig radius: 14 ft 8 in (4480 mm)
  • Dig radius at groundline: 14 ft 3 in (4340 mm)
  • Maximum dig depth: 7 ft 11 in (2420 mm)
  • Vertical straight wall dig depth: 4 ft 9 in (1460 mm)
  • More Power. More Productivity. More Value.: Make the most of every minute of your day with the power, performance and versatility of New Holland C Series compact tracked excavators. With a quiet, 24.8-horsepower, Tier 4 Final engine, the E26C excavates, grades and backfills with one machine and save fuel while doing it.
  • Zero Tail Swing: You can dig, fill and grade right next to buildings, footings and foundations, and in roadways and crowded urban areas thanks to the compact design and of the E26C mini digger (reduced tail swing if you choose the E26C with long arm). You can offset the excavator boom left or right within the operating range to match the situation.
  • Big Digging And Grading Performance: New Holland is the excavator brand to choose. With SAE bucket breakout digging force of 4,740 lbf and dig depth up to 7’11", the E26C mini ex puts big digging power where you need. You also get top-of-class ground clearance and excellent dozer blade lift height for maneuvering and working in rough conditions.
  • Excellent All-Around Stability: The rail and interlocking type tracks used on C Series mini excavators leads to less wear, and provides more contact points for all-around track stability.
  • Comfortable Operation: Operator productivity has everything to do with a comfortable work environment. Choose a 4-post canopy with slim tubing or the spacious enclosed cab. It provides excellent all-around visibility, ergonomic controls and adjustable seating.
  • Automatic Shifting: Let the E26C track excavator do the shifting for you. New Holland’s Auto Shift traveling system automatically downshifts when load increases to enhance travel torque on slopes and in difficult conditions, then shifts back up after the load decreases. The Auto Idle system improves fuel efficiency by automatically decreasing engine RPM when you are not using the operating levers.
  • Standard Hammer Circuit: A hammer circuit and selectable 2-way auxiliary hydraulics are standard equipment for expanded versatility. Add attachments like a thumb kit, compactor, auger or specialty bucket like a swivel bucket and your small excavator now handles even more jobs.
  • Easy To Transport And Secure: All C Series mini trackhoes are made to be moved. Thoughtfully placed tie down holes are provided for safe transportation. The ESL (Engine Start Limit) System requires a passcode to start the engine to deter theft. You can also set the time permitted between engine starts.
  • Servicing? No Sweat!: Maintenance is made simple with service doors, covers and hoods that open for complete access. You’ll find fluids are easy to check and undercarriages easy to clean. A centralized grease bank for boom swing, swing bearings and swing gear simplifies and speeds up lubrication. Extended service hours also reduce maintenance needs: • Bushings designed for extended lube intervals (250 hrs) • Extended-Life Hydraulic Filters (1000 hrs) • Long-Life Hydraulic Oil (2000 hrs)



Engine Type
Kubota D1305
24.8 hp (18.5 kW) @2400 RPM
Fuel Capacity
7.9 gal (30 L)


8 ft 2 in (2500 mm)
Boom Swing
75° left/50° right
Max Dig Depth
7 ft 11 in (2420 mm)
2.7 mph (4.3 kph)


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